Vechain serves a similar purpose to Waltonchain. The main difference is that Vechain does not be use a new type of RFID chip, and uses a proof of authority consensus algorithm instead of a proof of stake and trust algorithm. Vechain also uses side chains.

Differentiating Use Cases

Vechain will be used as an anti-counterfeiting mechanism for luxury goods. Manufacturers of luxury goods can insert RFID chips into the goods that are then tracked by the vechain blockchain. Upon purchase, buyers will be able to scan the RFID chip to make sure that a given product is not fraudulent.

Vechain will also be used to track food transportation and storage. Sensors can be embedded with food products during transportation and storage to ensure that the food is kept at the right temperature through the entire process.

Vechain has partnerships with Price Waterhouse Coopers and others that they are not allowed to disclose due to non-disclosure agreements.

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