NEO is a smart contract platform designed for the new digital smart economy. It is very similar to Ethereum (in fact, it’s value increased tenfold when it rebranded itself as the Chinese Ethereum). However there are a few important differences. China NEO is a Chinese company. The Chinese government is notorious for giving preference to … More NEO


QTUM is a smart contract platform with a proof of stake consensus algorithm meant to deal with interoperability issues inherent to the proliferation of so many unique smart contract platforms. As the adoption of blockchain grows and each ICO offers a new walled garden, the issue of balkanization has also become more pressing. While differences … More QTUM


Tezos is a smart contract platform meant to improve on the limitations of Ethereum and Bitcoin. The primary advantage is the flexibility of the platform. One of the biggest problems the bitcoin network faces is on agreement of how to validate transactions on its network. This protocol can affect the resources going into validation, the … More Tezos


Steemit is a public content platform where users gain ownership of the platform by generating or curating content (voting or commenting on the content). The site is designed as a hybrid between facebook, reddit and medium. The blockchain uses a DPOS consensus algorithm. The product of regular social networking sites is the data generated by … More Steemit


Litecoin Litecoin is a hard fork of bitcoin. It is often referred to as silver while bitcoin is gold. Like bitcoin, litecoin is mined and has a point at which no new litecoins can be mined. However, unlike bitcoin which is capped at 21 million tokens, litecoin will have 84 million. Litecoin is a fork … More Litecoin

Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash is a hard fork of bitcoin. Members of the bitcoin community have long disagreed about the future of bitcoin on the issue of the scalability. The majority of the community had agreed on implementing a function called segwit2x that would increase the block size from 2mb to up to 8mb. SegWit2x makes the … More Bitcoin Cash


Bitcoin is the proof of concept for blockchains. It uses a proof of work (POW) verification mechanism. Additionally, the number of bitcoins that will ever be generated is capped to 21 million. Every four years, the number of bitcoins given out to miners per block is cut in half. This creates scarcity thereby increasing its … More Bitcoin